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10 Factors That Make WordPress the Best CMS Platform

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10 Factors That Make WordPress the Best CMS Platform

If you are looking at a CMS platform, many would advise you to go for WordPress. But why is it so highly recommended as a CMS platform? Let us look at 10 factors that make WordPress the best CMS platform, and why you can expect great results from WordPress Web Development.

1.It is the first choice of many:

One in four website are being powered by WordPress as of 2015. Also, WordPress is used by 80% of the websites that employ a CMS. Not only that, WordPress is currently being used by big names like Vogue, the New York Times, Mercedes-Benz and CNN!


The utilization of clean coding by WordPress makes the comprehension of your posts easy for search engines. A broad spectrum of plug-ins is supported by WordPress – this helps towards the fine-tuning of SEO-related features by developers. Thus, WordPress development can help you to reap SEO-related rewards.


WordPress is responsive, which helps your website to function across devices. In today’s world, with everyone owning a smart-phone, it is not enough to have a website that performs well on a desktop computer/laptop – it must work well on smart-phones, tablets etc as well. Not only that, responsive websites score high on SEO as well.

4.High on Security:

With WordPress you will not have to worry about security due to the presence of a security team who see to it that the WordPress core is shielded from attacks from threats like viruses and injections.

5.It’s Free!:

The software can be used, copied and distributed as the WordPress software package is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). As far as your addition in terms of content and styling goes, you have complete copyright. You get to enjoy the benefits of regular and free updates.

6.A Huge Community:

WordPress has a huge community of bloggers, designers etc. This is a boon as you have a large group to turn to for support whenever you are facing issues. With such a large community, the possibility is extremely high that another individual has faced an issue similar to yours, and you could benefit from their inputs.

7.High Standards:

WordPress is powered by a huge pool of experienced and competent testers, coders and contributors who make sure that standards are always high. In fact, every guideline of the World Wide Web Consortium has been met by WordPress. The best practices as stated by Yahoo, Bing and Google are followed by WordPress. Whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari, WordPress functions in every modern browser.


WordPress offers many customization options with many themes and plug-ins. For example, during WordPress development, you do not need to settle for a particular theme, but use it simply as a starting point and create something unique with customization.

9.A Huge Library of Plug-Ins:

WordPress boasts of a huge library of plug-ins with just the WordPress repository containing about 40,000 plug-ins! This library is growing steadily - not only that, many of the plug-ins come free!

10.Ease of Use:

With WordPress, you can have your website up and running in no time! It is very easy to use the basic interface and customization options. WordPress scores high on ease of use and accessibility, with easy installation on Linus or Windows servers.

As you can see, WordPress is clearly the best CMS platform out there. However, to make the most of WordPress, make sure that you hire the services of a reputed WordPress developer. An experienced and dedicated WordPress developer will make sure that you get the best results.

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