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10 of the Best Logo Changes of 2016

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A company’s logo & Banner Design is a major part of its brand identity, with changes in company logo design being quite a common occurrence.

Let us look at 10 of the best logo changes of 2016 :

1. Johnnie Walker : The famous ‘walker’ is now considerably more detailed than his predecessor. The new logo definitely looks great with the increasing detailing really boosting the walker’s personality. Along with this, there is also the new serif typeface.

2. Google : The serif font of Google’s old logo that we are all very familiar with, has been replaced with a custom sans-serif font that exudes a playful and almost child-like quality. There is also a letter-G symbol for smaller contexts, as well as a four-dot icon in the company’s signature colours.

3. Google Ventures : ‘Google Ventures’, the corporate venture capital subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. has become ‘GV’. Designed in house, the new logo is a minimalist monogram which makes effective use of negative space and geometric letter-forms, with the implied first diagonal of the “V” ‘cutting’ away a part of the sans-serif “G”.

4. OpenTable : OpenTable’s new logo is the result of a very minimal approach, with a thick, red “O” (standing for Open Table and symbolizing a table), a red dot next to it symbolizing a diner, and a complementing word mark.

5. KFC : KFC’s new logo marks a return to its roots, with the stripping away of the red border behind the iconic Colonel Sanders, as well as removing his body from the logo. With more focus on the colonel’s face, the new logo is impressive in its stripped-down simplicity.

6. Logitech : Logitech has come up with a new logo with the most important changes being the abstracted “g” and the absence of the familiar Logitech “eye”. The abstracted “g” is indeed a smart touch and is both distinctive and visually appealing.

7. Oculus : The new logo of Oculus is truly a good example of minimalist but impressive design. The new logo comes after Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, with the word “Oculus” no longer figuring in the logo design. Instead, there is an “O” resembling an Oculus headset.

8. Microsoft Edge : Microsoft is replacing the extremely infamous web browser, Internet Explorer, with ‘Edge’ - a replacement that is faster and more user-friendly. The logo of Edge is not significantly different from Explorer’s – the lowercase “e” is still there, but with a darker shade of blue. The major change is the absence of the orbit.

9. TransUnion : TransUnion’s old logo had flaws like the “U” of Trans Union being left out in the double-“T” monogram. Well, that has been rectified with the company’s new logo’s “tu” monogram stamp at the end of the word mark typeset in Intro. Trans Union wanted the logo to present the company as approachable and welcoming, and it definitely can be said that they have succeeded.

10. DailyMotion : Firstly, let’s talk about parts of the old logo that are ‘not’ there in the new one. Firstly, there is no tower – this is indeed a welcome absence. Secondly, there is no visual separation between ‘daily’ and ‘motion’ – the new logo presents it as one word. Thirdly, there is no letter-form-mangling within ‘motion’. The new logo is a simple word mark-only logo, with the rounded letters overlapping on the preceding letters, conveying a sense of motion.

A good logo will go a long way towards enhancing your company’s brand identity. To get the best results, only hire the logo design services of a reputed logo design company. The best logo design company will ensure that the logo they design for you is visually appealing, reflects your brand’s values, and enhances your company’s brand identity.


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