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10 things to know before getting into mobile app development

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10 things to know before getting into mobile app development

Mobile app development in India has become a big thing. Let us look at ten important things that you will need to be clear about before getting into mobile app development:

1. Making Your App Stand Out : Sure, your app might be great, but the only problem is that there are a zillion other “great” apps out there. For your app to stand out from the competition, it is extremely important for you to know what will make your app different and what its USP will be. Why should someone choose your app over similar apps? It is very important to figure this out before getting into mobile app development.

2. Research : It is very important to carry out thorough market research before developing an app. Market research should cover the right and wrong moves that your competitors made – this information will come in handy while developing your app. Customer reviews will inform you regarding details like what customers perceive as shortcomings in your competitors’ apps – you can use this information to create an app without such shortcomings.

3. Budget : It is very important to be very clear about the budget from the very beginning – after all, how can you expect to create an app without money? You will need to be very careful while planning budget allocation and take measures at every stage of app development for ensuring that the project stays within budget.

4. The Target Audience : While it is great to aim for reaching as broad an audience as possible, you must also have a specific target audience in mind. You will have to look at points like language, income, age, education etc. Having clarity regarding your target audience will help greatly towards you being able to reach them as you will develop the app keeping their needs, preferences etc in mind.

5. An Efficient App : During mobile app development, you should strive to create an app that is not only different but also highly efficient. Let’s take the case of efficient data usage. Excessive use of data by an app can be seen as a drawback by users causing them to not prefer using it.

6. Pricing : The importance of right pricing cannot be stressed enough. There are many points that one needs to look at before deciding the price of an app. After all, you might develop a great app, but unless it is rightly priced it may not find many takers.

7. Testing : You might be confident that you have developed a great app, but how can you be absolutely sure unless you test the app? Testing the app is very important for spotting any flaws so that you can rectify them before launching the app.

8. Description : The description of your app in iTunes App Store or Google Play contributes greatly towards deciding whether or not users will choose to download the app. You will need to make sure that the first 2-3 lines grab the attention of the reader enough to make them want to read more about the app, and eventually make them download the app.

9. Marketing : You will need to formulate an effective marketing strategy well before the app hits the market, and initiate marketing about 2-3 weeks prior to the app’s launch. Social media channels (Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc), posting blogs, review sites (like 148apps), discovery networks etc should figure in your marketing and promotional strategy.

10. The Right Mobile Application Development Company : In order to be able to create a great app, you should look at hiring the services of a reputed and experienced mobile application development company. The right company will ensure that you get the best possible results.

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