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A Maintenance Plan for Mobile Applications

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A Maintenance Plan for Mobile Applications

You have spent a lot of time and resources towards mobile applications development for developing a great app. Well, exhausted as you are, your job doesn’t end there. Deployment isn’t the finishing line in mobile applications development. You will have to see to maintenance as well. Unless of course, the app that you have developed is simply a stop gap measure until the arrival of a permanent solution, you will need to look at a maintenance plan for the app, as well as mobile app development costs.

Let us look at what a the maintenance cost will be for mobile app maintenance and its plan should cover.

Security Updates and Continuous Development : As far as mobile app maintenance goes, security updates are the minimum. These updates will require a few hours every month, which are well worth it as they go towards the security of your app and user data/information. In addition to security updates, you will also need to continuously update the app and adding to it if it has an important role to play in your marketing plan or if the app figures in your company’s workflow. You will need to constantly look at points like add-ons (like integrations).

Time and Resources : Mobile app maintenance will definitely consume time and resources. An active app could require a few hours a month towards development. If you want the addition of features to be less frequent, you could go for minimum of 10 hours a month. Just security updates will take even lesser time, depending on factors like complexity and what requires upgrades and fixing. An experienced programmer can do the job faster but this speed usually comes at a higher price. However, this is a price worth paying for if your target is an active app with regular updates.

Platform : The time required for maintenance will be less if the app is only on one platform – iOS or Android. However, most apps are on both platforms nowadays. The time required for maintenance will depend on the platform used for developing the app. The maintenance required if you are looking at one platform for both apps will cover keeping up the single platform’s code base in addition to the separate pieces required for customizing the apps for Android and iOS. Since you are not handling two separate code databases, the time required will be less, but this will depend on the amount of customization you possess for each platform.

If you are looking at developing separately, there will be a requirement of maintenance of separate code bases – the editing of this can consume more time. Having separate and custom apps tailor-made for each device makes this option easier. If you are looking at point and click, these apps require a low amount of time for maintenance if they are of a basic nature without too many custom elements. Things become difficult with the addition of custom elements as the platform gets stretched to a point that is beyond its capabilities. You could go for an option that comes with flexibility and customization.

The time required for maintenance depends on customization levels and preferences. What you need to understand is that maintenance of your mobile app is crucial for user experience and return on investment, and if you do not invest time and money in maintenance, the result might be the software becoming obsolete. To get the most out of mobile applications development, make sure that you approach a reputed mobile app development company.

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