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A Virtual Reality Kitchen

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A Virtual Reality Kitchen

Just imagine that you are standing inside a kitchen and taking a look at the cabinets, countertop, cabinets etc. However, you are not too impressed with the space, and you feel that the colours are not right, that the kitchen island is dominating the entire space etc. You feel that the space lacks warmth and doesn’t seem inviting. No, this is not the kitchen that you would like to have in your own house. However, what if you could instantly fix all of this kitchen’s negative points? What if you could mould it according to your ideas of what a kitchen should look like?

How is it possible when you are standing right inside the kitchen, you might wonder. This is because you are standing inside a virtual reality kitchen and not a real one. It was with software developed by a company called Marxent that this kitchen was designed. Using an Oculus Rift headset, one can view the entire kitchen, and look at all the features in close detail – you can look at the floor tiles, the faucets etc. A renovation app created for Lowe’s, the home-improvement retailer, was used to assemble all the kitchen’s features. Using this app, a kitchen/bathroom layout can be created followed by using Lowe’s inventory items to renovate the room. These items include sink cabinets, faucets, dishwashers, refrigerators and cabinets which look very much like the actual products as they have been laser scanned.

After everything is assembled the way one likes it, the design is uploaded to the cloud, and can be viewed on a virtual reality headset after going to one of Lowe’s stores. After arriving at the store, a visitor can view the design using a virtual reality headset. It is while viewing the design in virtual reality that you realize how the kitchen would actually look like with the selections you have made. Would you like to change the colours? Would you like to change the faucets? You can make the necessary modifications with the help of a Lowe’s associate. What if you want your friends and family to see the design? That is also not a problem as you will be given a free Google Cardboard headset to take home with you.

It is easy to see that not only is virtual reality an extremely powerful technology, it is also a very versatile technology with applications across multiple fields – advertising, real estate, medicine etc. In fact, many people used to believe that virtual reality’s relevance was only in the fields of videogames and entertainment. However, the applications of virtual reality extend far beyond that. Using virtual reality, you may be able to look at properties for sale, while sitting in your home. You may be able to tour exotic destinations from the comfort of your sofa. With the help of a good virtual reality company, you can even use virtual reality to grow your business. A reputed virtual reality can help you take your business to new heights, by delivering the best results right from 360 videography and virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions to 3D immersive visualization solutions.

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