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Important Elements of a Successful Real Estate Website

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While carrying out real estate website development, it is crucial to make sure that it has certain important features which will help towards not only getting visitors to your website but also keeping them.

Let us look at a few real estate website features that you must pay attention to:

Smart Search : As far as real estate websites are concerned, smart search is the most essential tool, and it should be there within the home page itself. It should give accurate results quickly and function smoothly. Offering site visitors a full IDX search with advanced search filters, sale and foreclosure search, school district search etc, will make sure that your real estate website is chosen over the competition.

Comparing Projects and Localities : ‘Which property should I buy?’ – This can be an extremely perplexing question, especially when there are so many choices. It is not enough to provide site visitors with options – you should also be able to help them with comparing options. There should be a comparison tool within your website which site visitors can use for comparing projects and localities. Needless to say, this will greatly ease the decision-making process for site visitors.

Calculator : There should be a calculator within your website for making calculations related to loan eligibility, EMI, prepayment, effect of change in rate of interest etc. For example, a site visitor can use this calculator to determine the home loan amount that he is eligible for, or he can use it to determine how much EMI he will have to pay, or he can use the calculator to determine whether he should prepay the loan. Needless to say, such a calculator is a great tool for site visitors and helps them to make the right choices regarding property purchases.

Blogs with the Right Keywords : For good online presence, you have to pay attention to content marketing. Keyword-focused blogs can help your website to be found by prospects. In fact, a huge chunk of traffic is brought to your website by organic searches. In order to be found by your prospects, not only should you post blogs on your website, but you should also see to it that the blogs contain the right keywords.

Live Chat : Many successful real estate websites that highly prioritize customer service have a live chat option within their website. Live chat can be used for instantly engaging with leads who visit your website. This option is especially useful when it comes to leads who feel some level of hesitation with regard to connecting with you via phone call or email.

Map : You should give site visitors the option to view properties on a map. Simply giving a property’s address through text will not do as site visitors may find it inconvenient. Make it easy for site visitors to find properties using map view, and it will contribute greatly towards the success of your real estate website.

Not only should you pay attention to this real estate website features list, but you should also approach an experienced and reputed real estate website development company. Such a company will offer you the best solutions.

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    David Parker Saturday, 04 February 2017

    Hi, Thanks for sharing the nice article on elements of real estatewebsites. Keep going and share latest important news on websites.

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