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Military Applications Of Virtual Reality

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Military Applications Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that is all set to bring about change in many fields. One of the fields in which virtual reality finds application is the military. In fact, military applications were among the earliest applications of virtual reality. For example, way back in 1929, a commercial flight simulator called the ‘Link trainer’ was created by Edward Link – this technology was used by the U.S. Military. Let us take a closer look at the military applications of virtual reality.

All three branches of the military – army, air force and navy – can use virtual reality as a training tool. Virtual reality can be used for training soldiers to effectively react in dangerous combat situations. In a virtual environment, soldiers can be safely trained without the risk of injury or death. Thus, when compared to traditional training techniques, virtual reality training is infinitely safer. Head mounted displays are used for virtual reality training, which have an inbuilt tracking system. For interaction with the virtual environment, data gloves are used. Virtual reality glasses can also be used for combat visualisation.

For military training, virtual reality environments are ideal as a certain situation can be experienced within a controlled space. Thus, soldiers can safely interact with situations within a virtual battlefield setting without the risk of physical harm. Besides the obvious advantage of safety, the other two major benefits are cost and time. Especially when airborne training is concerned, traditional military training can be extremely expensive. It would be far more economical to use flight simulators instead of real aircraft. Not only does this save money and time, but it can also be a more effective training tool as danger can be safely inserted into virtual reality training without any risk.

The military applications of virtual reality include battlefield simulation, flight simulation, virtual boot camp and medic training. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be treated using virtual reality. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition which can adversely affect the individual suffering from it as well as their family. A virtual environment can help soldiers to learn how to handle the symptoms associated with psychological conditions like battlefield trauma. Soldiers can adjust to the factors that trigger their condition by facing them in a virtual environment. Thus, virtual reality can be used to decrease their symptoms and help them to adjust to situations which are unforeseen or new.

Those who saw virtual reality as something that is just relevant to videogames and entertainment will surely be surprised to see the countless applications of this technology, and how many fields it has relevance in – education, tourism, business, medicine etc. No matter which field you are in, virtual reality can be an extremely useful tool for you. Before hiring the services of a virtual reality company, make sure that the team they have in place has the necessary skills and experience to deliver the best results, right from virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions and advanced visualisation to 360 videography. The right virtual reality company can make sure that you get the most out of the technology.

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