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Restaurant and Food Website Design Ideas

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Restaurant and Food Website Design Ideas

The restaurant and food industry can be quite competitive, and in this field it is very important to have a website that is effective and stands out. Let us look at few tips of restaurant and food website design :

1. Use High-Quality Photos : The first step towards getting high-quality photographs is to hire the services of a good and experienced professional photographer – it really is worth the investment! Professional food photographers have the training and experience necessary to make the dishes that your restaurant offers look as attractive as possible. You can use the images not just in your website, but also on social media and in menu design.

2. Integrate Social Media Channels With Your Website : Needless to say, everyone’s using social media nowadays and it is a constant presence in our daily lives. However, you should know which social media channels to focus on. Of course, certain channels like Facebook is without doubt a must, with nearly everyone using Facebook - but what about other channels? What you can do in the beginning is to try out different social media channels and then focus on a few channels that are delivering the best results.

3. Responsive Restaurant Website Design : Many individuals make plans to eat out not days before but on the very same day, and that too an hour or so before. Do such individuals then sit down in front of a laptop/desktop and then decide where they would like to go? Quite unlikely – they are much more likely to take out their smart-phone and then browse for restaurants. Therefore, it goes without saying that unless your restaurant website works on multiple devices, you will end up losing many potential customers.

4. Easy Navigation : During restaurant website design, make sure that you pay attention to user-friendly and easy navigation. This means avoiding things like making site visitors download a large PDF file so as to be able to view your menu. Why would you make site visitors have to go through that so as to just view your menu? It is unnecessarily complicating the process. Site visitors may see it as a bother not worth taking and simply move on to another restaurant website. Therefore, make your website easy to navigate with features like your menu having its own page within the site.

5. Integrating E-Commerce with your Website : Many individuals have become so used to the convenience of e-commerce that if it is not integrated with your website, site visitors may simply move on to another restaurant website with an e-commerce option that allows them to buy food online.

6. Google Map in the Contact Page : It is essential to have Google Map in the contact page for guiding site visitors to your restaurant. Just text or an image will simply not suffice. Many individuals are used to the convenience of having Google Map navigate them to their destination, that they may not bother to ‘find’ a restaurant that doesn’t have Google Map in their website’s contact page but will simply move on to another restaurant website that does have Google Map on their contact page.

Above points should be taken care while planning your restaurant website design and having an experienced restaurant website design company by your side can help enormously towards creating a website that will take your business to the next level.

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  • Guest
    Jen Tuesday, 04 October 2016

    Great tips,
    I would like to mention adding a yelp button helps build credibility. "Check out our Yelp reviews"

    Also having recent good reviews from yelp scrolling on the page, adds a fun element. I'm seeing this trend often.


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