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The Revival Of Virtual Reality

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The Revival Of Virtual Reality

It is during this year that we will see the release of eagerly awaited VR headsets like Oculus Rift. We can expect to see the launch of the Rift headset’s consumer version in this year’s first quarter, by Facebook-owned Oculus. The Vive is expected to be launched by HTC in April, while Play Station VR is expected to be launched by Sony in the first half of this year.

It is only recently that virtual reality has been receiving great attention. That is because we finally have the technology that can help VR devices to truly live up to expectations. Back in 1995, the Virtual Boy was released by Nintendo as part of the virtual reality wave of the 90s. Unfortunately, it was a failure. Many VR devices released during this period suffered from many issues.

For example, the screens lacked the high resolution for it to be placed close to the eyes. The virtual world presented by these devices simply wasn’t convincing enough, and some devices even gave headaches to the users! In fact, virtual reality didn’t receive enough attention or seriousness for a long time after the disappointment caused by the virtual reality wave of the 90s. However, all that has changed now, and virtual reality is back and is gathering attention from all quarters.

People are beginning to understand that not only is the technology actually beginning to exceed expectations, its applications and potential extend far beyond video games and entertainment. Among the people who should be thanked for virtual reality’s ‘rebirth’ is the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey. He has to be given credit for triggering the revival of interest in virtual reality.

The smart-phone is also an important factor to be considered. In 2015, we saw how virtual reality could be experienced using our smart-phones by simply inserting them into devices like Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Many got their first taste of virtual reality when Google Cardboard VR headsets were delivered to subscribers of the New York Times. This was among the many indicators that virtual reality was becoming a mainstream technology!

This is just the beginning because we will be seeing rapid improvements in both VR headsets and smart-phones. For instance, many who used the Oculus Rift’s second public prototype back in 2013 weren’t very impressed due to issues like discomfort and low screen resolution. However, after just 2 years, the Oculus Rift’s final pre-release version overwhelmed the same people who were unimpressed with its second public prototype in 2013. The message was clear – virtual reality is here to stay.

Looking at the rate at which virtual reality is advancing, we can expect nothing short of a virtual reality revolution very soon that will affect many fields. With the help of a reputed virtual reality company, you can use virtual reality as a tool for the growth of your business. Before hiring the services of a virtual reality company, make sure that the team they have in place possesses the skill and experience to ensure that the results delivered are high-quality – right from advanced visualisation and virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions to 360 videography.

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