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Using Virtual Reality for Climbing To Great Heights

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Using Virtual Reality for Climbing To Great Heights

The past few years have seen great developments in virtual reality. One notable addition to the world of virtual reality has been that of Everest VR. Everest VR is among the most realistic virtual environments that have been developed with 300,000 high-resolution photographs going into recreating Mount Everest in the virtual world – a recreation that was developed with contributions from the effects team behind the film Gravity.

People can climb Mount Everest in the virtual world using an HTC Vive virtual reality headset. A 360 degree view of the mountain’s slopes can be viewed using a virtual reality headset, and users can use handheld controllers for pulling themselves up the ropes. The experience is so realistic that simply looking down while climbing the virtual mountain can cause a user to feel vertigo. RVX was the developer behind Everest VR. The creative director of RVX, Dadi Einarsson, said that thousands of images have to be fed into the software – while the process can be a long one, the results are well worth it.

While this is not the first time that virtual reality has received a lot of attention, it is only now that the technology has started matching expectations. Many are waiting for the launch of the Rift headset from Oculus - one of the biggest VR companies and a company on which Facebook has spent $1.9 billion. Retailing at a little over $70, Homido is a virtual reality adaptor for smart-phones. Romain Derrien, who is behind Homido, feels that we will soon experience a virtual reality revolution. According to Derrien, while virtual reality is far from anything new, it is only now that we have the technology that virtual reality needs to bring about a revolution. For instance, gyroscopes contained within mobile phones can make looking around in virtual worlds a seamless experience.

Virtual reality will soon open up a world of possibilities and applications. For instance, virtual reality is being used by EasyJet for staff training. Architects can use virtual reality to show clients what a home will look like, much before it is built. Besides HTC Vive and Facebook-owned Oculus, there are many other big companies involved in developing virtual reality devices, like Samsung and Sony. Also, many others are involved in the production of virtual reality content. For instance, VR videos which have been filmed on 360-degree cameras are being published by The Telegraph. Another example is that of virtual reality footage of Strictly Come Dancing being recorded by BBC.

Virtual reality is quickly emerging as a powerful tool that has applications across multiple fields. With the right virtual reality company by your side, you can effectively use virtual reality for growing your business. However, be careful while selecting a virtual reality company, and make sure that they have a skilled and experienced team in place that can deliver high-quality results, right from 360 videography and advanced visualization to virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions. After all, virtual reality alone is not enough – you also need the right virtual reality company to help you get the maximum out of the technology.

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