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Virtual Reality For Marketing Travel

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Virtual Reality For Marketing Travel

Virtual reality is fast becoming an effective tool for marketing travel. Virtual reality lets you experience a destination in the most realistic way, without you being physically present there. It can be extremely immersive and engaging, and leave users overwhelmed.

Using virtual reality you can go for a swim in the Great Barrier Reef, or even go parasailing or paddle-boarding. You can go through a 3D online tour of the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, and have a look at the lobby, restaurants etc. Through images and videos with 360 degree perspectives, virtual reality delivers immersive and engaging 3D experiences. All you need is a smart-phone and a virtual reality headset like Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. In fact, Google Cardboard is a simple and low-cost cardboard contraption. You can see online VR videos which have a 360 degree view, but you will not be truly experiencing ‘virtual reality’ unless you are viewing the virtual world through a VR headset.

A VR experience was created by Dolly Parton’s theme park in Tennessee, USA – this VR experience was for the introduction of ‘Lightning Rod’, a new ride. One can simply use their smart-phone to get a taste of the ride. This VR experience will create interest in this new ride which will be opening soon this year. Needless to say, VR can be a valuable marketing tool for theme parks, and be used for generating buzz around a park’s rides and other attractions. A VR experience titled ‘Inside Dali’s Mind’ will soon be launched by the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida. Since not all consumers have VR devices, VR producers are enabling many to experience virtual reality content by providing them with VR headsets at trade shows, stores etc.

VR content for the Dominican Republic was recently created by a Miami-based public relations firm – while the 360-degree version can be viewed on YouTube, many got a taste of the ‘real thing’ when the company supplied them with VR headsets at trade shows. One may ask - “Will experiencing a destination in virtual reality cause one to be content with the VR experience and skip actually visiting the destination?” Far from it – when a person experiences a destination in virtual reality, it sparks his interest in experiencing that destination in the real world. One can say that virtual reality can serve as a powerful ‘appetiser’ when it comes to marketing travel.

It is easy to see how powerful and effective virtual reality can be as a marketing tool. It can be used for effectively promoting destinations, brands, businesses etc. One can use virtual reality for the growth of their business by hiring the services of a reputed virtual reality company. It is important to ensure that the virtual reality company you go for has the required skills and experience. Whether it is aerial photography, panoramic photography, 360 videography, 3D immersive visualisation solutions or virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions, the right virtual reality company will deliver the best results.

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