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Virtual Reality In The Classroom

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Virtual Reality In The Classroom

Imagine this scene – a group of students guided by their teacher are visiting a heritage site. The students get to explore the heritage site and see many features in close detail. However, what if you were told that they are doing all this while still being inside the classroom? ‘How is that possible unless their classroom itself is the heritage site?’ you may ask. The answer is ‘Virtual reality’. ‘Well, all that is great for science fiction. Let’s talk about something that is possible today’ you may say. The answer is ‘It is possible today!’

Using Google’s virtual field trip for schools, students can be taken for virtual reality trips which involve the use of simple cardboard virtual reality viewers and smart-phones. An app can be used by teachers for guiding the trips, and these excursions can be paused whenever required. Google’s field-trip simulation system is called ‘Expeditions’. Long lectures can be a boring way to educate young and restless minds. In today’s age where the internet, smart-phones etc have become normal features of everyday life, long lectures are quickly becoming seen as an outdated and dull way of educating students.

Compare a lecture talking about a certain heritage site to a virtual reality trip covering the same site – not only will students find the latter much more interesting and engaging, they will also absorb more information. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words – and in virtual reality, you are not simply seeing but actually ‘experiencing’. It is something that a student will not easily forget. It is easy to see how virtual reality can be effectively used for enabling students to gain a deeper understanding on any topic. Google’s virtual reality field trips were developed by Google engineers and teachers. Google has developed many virtual trips with help from teachers, and these trips have been tried out in many classrooms.

It goes without saying that virtual reality can be an extremely powerful educational tool. While a virtual field trip is not a complete replacement for an actual field trip, it is definitely an option that will save time and money, and is much better than a lecture. While teachers have taken students on virtual field trips using Skype’s videoconferencing service in the past, Google’s field-trip simulations using virtual reality is much more immersive. Google Expeditions uses Google Street View photographs to create 360-degree views, and 3D images for virtual excursions are created using a 16-camera system built by GoPro.

Everybody is quickly becoming aware about virtual reality’s tremendous potential and its relevance and applicability in their fields – whether it is in education, advertising, real estate or medicine, many professionals from different fields are realizing how powerful a tool virtual reality can be. With the right virtual reality company by your side, you can use virtual reality to promote the growth of your business. A reputed virtual reality company will make sure that you receive the best results, whether it is 360 videography, 3D immersive visualization solutions or virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions.

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