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Virtual Reality’s Wide Spectrum of Applications

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Virtual Reality’s Wide Spectrum of Applications

There was a time when virtual reality was mostly associated with just video games. However, all that is changing with people now becoming aware of virtual reality’s multiple applications. More and more fields are seeing the potential of virtual reality and using it as an effective tool. Let us take a close look at virtual reality’s wide spectrum of applications.

Virtual reality can be used as a training tool in skilled trades. For example, virtual reality can be used as a training tool in welding, and save money that would’ve otherwise gone into materials for practicing on. Thus, it can lower training time and costs. Virtual reality can also be used as a training tool in law enforcement - it can be used for training police officers on effective reactions in dangerous situations like facing a man armed with a gun. In fact, virtual reality is even being used by NASA as a training tool.

An industry that is currently using virtual reality is the automotive industry. Virtual reality is being used by the Ford Motor Company to understand the customers’ experience of their cars. High-definition renderings of the cars’ exteriors and interiors are viewed through the Oculus Rift headsets. This really helps towards product development as the company doesn’t have to wait till a new model’s physical prototype is made.

Ford is not the only automotive company tapping the potential of virtual reality - recently, Audi revealed that they would be using virtual reality for enabling car buyers to take a detailed look at their cars as well as customization options. Toyota recently used virtual reality in a campaign which covered distracted driving, with the target being using virtual reality to teach the subject to teenagers and parents.

Among the other fields in which virtual reality is being used is health care, with the technology finding use in therapy. For example, virtual reality is used by psychiatrists at the University of Louisville for treating individuals suffering from phobias like fear of public speaking, flying, heights etc. By confronting their fears in a safe and controlled virtual environment, such individuals can learn how to cope with them. Virtual reality can also be used for helping those who have lost limbs to deal with ‘phantom limb pain’.

Another field in which virtual reality finds application is advertising. The coupling of brands and virtual reality is something that is being explored by digital marketing agencies. The outdoor apparel brand, Merrell, recently used virtual reality at the Sundance Film Festival for letting users feel what it would be like to wear their hiking shoes while trekking. A really innovative way of using virtual reality to advertise a product!

One can effectively use virtual reality for promoting and expanding their business. Hiring the services of a reputed virtual reality company can contribute tremendously towards taking your business to new heights. However, you should make sure that the virtual reality company you choose has a team with the necessary skills and experience to deliver the best results, right from 360 videography and advanced visualization to virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions.

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