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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A step above traditional marketing, digital marketing witnessed its popularity decade ago, for the fact that businesses could reach global in less cost and time, a restraint in traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing played imperative role in Internet driven world. It minimized the distance for brands in reaching their target customers.

It has always been defying process for brands to reach target customers. Digital marketing is one such persuasive medium, if methodologies are proficient.

At TailoredSolutions, we understand our customer’s goal and market segment they deal in. Abridging customer and brands with our unique methodology. Being precise: Measuring website traffic, customizing content, outreach, improving sales growth, net ROI (Return on Investment) and other detailed analysis is what we do by executing “Agile Digital Marketing”.

What is Agile Marketing

A structured approach, synchronizing team management and high priority task or campaign, further leading to constantly evaluating campaign impact and improvisation.

For optimum success of a campaign, Agile marketing has an integral part, called “SCRUM”.

SCRUM Insights

  • Delivers result oriented strategies by enhancing adaptability and transparency in Agile process.
  • Reflects clarity and potentials of Agile Marketing.
  • Allows short marketing experiments and then enforcing pertinent improvements, subject to results and client response rate.
Now, you know the Hoax of Tailored Solutions, lets have a look at the channels of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Your business needs to get noticed online and that's where the role of SEO enters.

Its aimed at increasing visibility of your website on search engines.

Website optimization is all about keywords, optimum site navigation, links, meta-tags, analytics etc., requires dedicated work-force, as process being confounding and even time-consuming.

Hence we at Tailored Solutions simplify the process by:

  • Understanding business objectives and goals, further forming accurate and well-researched SEO strategies.
  • Creating a detailed Road-map which accomplishes business goals.
  • Enforcing viable and long-term SEO strategy that increases web traffic, in return driving towards more sales.

Social Media Marketing

Stands at the fore-front of digital marketing. The most promising, lucrative and brightest marketing platform.

The second-most effective marketing channel after E-mail marketing. As per survey social media plays a huge role in purchasing decisions. Moreover, 57% of consumers get influenced faster after seeing positive feedback and comments.

The SMM(Social Media Marketing) platform includes: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram (the most preferred).

Social Media marketing is low cost, builds brand value and generates quality traffic as faster results are expected.

Email Marketing

The sent newsletter reflected in personalized mail box of your customers helps businesses to manage product portfolio & call to action.

Its simple to create, share and track.

Its the best tool for your business, generating quick return on investment.

E-mail marketing is concentrated, enabling brands to connect with prospective customer.

Brand name and value can be achieved in due time frame.

“We Help our Customers with”

  • Customized e-mail templates.
  • Monitoring Analytic to evaluate and understand metrics (delivery dates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates, subscriber retention rates).
  • Tracking response rates.

Paid Marketing

The fierce competition for visibility on web is the major reason for businesses to opt for paid marketing.

Promoting brands on web is not only subjected to content marketing, info-graphics and creating accounts and feedback. The dynamic algorithms has changed the industry scenario.

As organic search comes with limitations, it invites PPC (Pay Per Click).

“We help our customers with”

  • Google Adwords Management & Facebook Ad Management.
  • Minimizing on CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action) and not just restricted to driving traffic.

The crux of our Digital Marketing services include

  • Drive Traffic
  • Increasing Sales
  • Increasing Visibility
  • Increasing Engagement Level
  • Brand Management

“Our Success is in Your Success”.

Do you want to make presence felt to your target segment? Do you want your business to be successful in Digital Marketing using our Agile Methodology? You are just one step away to the Success, fill up form here.