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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

- Nikki Swaine –

- Chez Rossi – UK
- John – US

We have been working with TasolGlobal on numerous projects since 2008 and each one was a pleasure. Our first project was the biggest with a lot of challenges (very old Joomla to the latest). From big migrations like for example old Joomla to the latest release is something you can trust Mayur. On the latest version they even migrate all plugins and modules to make it work on the new environment. This is where Mayur and his team make a big difference from all other we have worked with. They make it work. If a plugin is not available anymore (in most cases through time) they just find a way and make it work. This is great! Mayur is reliable and diligent and always ready to do even more to get it work. We can recommend Mayur and his team to anyone!

- Remco –

I started using the services of ​t​asolglobal several years ago for Joomla updates and general maintenance on both my websites. Additionally, they have migrated one site and made the other responsive on all devices. Even though they are a half a world away I have never had anything but the most professional interactions with them. Their work is top notch and the prices are fair. Mayur is my contact and he always responds quickly to any question or service I require.....even quickly helping me when I have locked myself out of my own websites! I have nothing but good things to say about this company and completely recommend their services.

- Rebecca Jeffers – Evolve Hypnosis & Counseling Center

I've worked with Tailored Solution for two of my project and they are going to get 3rd project from me. Before working with them, I've worked with eight different teams. The major different between Tailored Solution and other teams is that - not only their work is great, but also their customer service is good. They work from Monday to Saturday and they always answer your question back. Unlike a lot of teams which you'll never hear anything back for couple days and delay your work. As for the quality of work, I really don't have any doubt about them. They actually did analysis for my project and made sure they understand everything before proceeding. If you are looking at this and if you are thinking about hiring programmers for your project. Definitely consider this team!!

- Henry – Dragon Republic

Right from the very outset I was impressed, Mayur has been my main point of contact for the last few months and has always been very friendly and has always answered my concerns, It’s very difficult to trust people that you have never met before and so at first I was apprehensive as I had to give FTP and cpanel access to them, but they are so professional and good at what they do that I don’t worry at all about giving them access at all now. If I ever need help doing something with the website Tailored Solution is now the first company, I call as I know that they are reliable, trustworthy and do a fantastic job.

- Chez Rossi

Greetings from Switzerland, Europe. When we discover these guys on internet we start giving them few jobs to do in our internet site. Since more than one year now, they are in charge of Our full site and more projects are coming to them from other companies around us. Tasol Global and particularly Mayur and his team which is our close contact, are just amazing, they understand fast and well your needs, very professionals and an incredible expertise on a full wide range of technologies. It’s very difficult to find experts like that in Europe, we really recommend Tailored Solution and we thank them again for all the job done for us, which has increased the attendance to our sites! Thanks guys!

- Pedro

These people are incredible. I wrote a list of what I needed to be done and they just did it! No questions asked....if they said they understand what needs to be done....well, they really do. It is like they read my mind! 10/10 if you ask me and I will most definitely work with them again! They are all about quality and deadlines.

- Grandos

Very happy with the speed and quality of work. The project manager has kept things running smoothly and efficiently, making our first experience with this team a comfortable and enjoyable one. We'll definitely be using Tailored Solutions team again, and look forward to a long-term relationship. Great job so far - thanks!

- Paul Johnson

This team was very qualified, responsive, and professional, and at a fair cost. My assignment was very challenging, and this team was able to overcome many issues to deliver a top quality product. We encountered a few issues along the way, but they were able to respond quickly to my feedback and deliver the site as I wanted it within a matter of days. I have already hired Tailored Solutions again for a second project.

- David

Excellent software produced, very close to original specification, excellent English communication skills, highly recommended

- AlConsulting

If you can give a clear idea of the project, leave rest to Tailored Solutions. The range of expertise this provider is very high from simple website to complex components in Joomla. Also they covert your site to mobile websites, continue to work with this team.

- Jishu

Really great work!! Wow, I can't express how happy I am with this phase...Top quality work, on time, pixel perfect :) will definitely recommend this team of expert to anybody who has a challenging project....

- Erwin

These guys work in a very professional way! The responsible project manager was available by Skype almost 24/7 :) Change request during the project were processed in a very flexible way. I can recommend them specially for bigger projects as they really know how to handle it (unlike other developers).

- Michael

Very happy with those guys. They delivered on time and the result was perfect. Good communication skills and availability. Will definitely work with them again and recommend them.

- Avi

I've chose Tailored Solutions, because they put in fair amount of time before the project start to understand what was required, unlike others where they just submitted urls of their completed websites. It was quite a complicated and unique project and team had been very helpful ironing out little glitches and I am more than satisfied with the end result. 10 out of 10. Thank you, thank you very much, am eager and would like to start future project any time with you :).

- Haluk